The question posed for Facebook’s poles is: “Want to instantly know what 30 million people are thinking?” The question for developers is, want to reach 30 million users with your application? Advertisers should be thinking the exact same thing.

As threeminds organic points out. In less than 3 months 7,500 apps have been developed for facebook. And with the rumored purchase of Craig Ulliotts “Where I’ve Been” application for 3 million dollars. Marketer’s eyes are opening up to the possibilities.

Craig built the application in his spare time! Wouldn’t that be incredible if interactive agencies developed and experimented with applications for their clients… in their spare time. I mean, I’ve always been a proponent of experimenting with type and design in my spare time to keep things fresh. Doesn’t it make sense for developers and designers to experiment with applications for their clients – both for inspirational value and for the flood of potential?

Ad age recently suggests that social networks could replace ads for CRM. The cost savings is huge. Instead of trying to build your own social network, or spending cash on banner ads and a custom CRM. Seed a facebook group. Or better yet, build an application that extends your brand relationship. Applications can be developed cheap – in a developer’s spare time. Built right, a custom Facebook application could be a major player and influencer for 30 million people.

2 thoughts on “30,000,000

  1. Found your blog! Look out!

    All industries stand to benefit from building facebook apps, including mine. It amazes me when traditional media outlets complain about declining readership amongst youth. The truth is, there are more readers/viewers than ever before. Media outlets simply haven’t yet accepted the fact that they’ll need to engage youth markets in their own territory.

  2. ha. no doubt about that.

    And its not just complaints within “traditional” print media outlets… the digital shift is effecting what i would label “traditional interactive” – those who believe their information online, in a banner, etc. is engaging enough for the youth markets. facebook applications are really set to challenge that misconception, for all markets.

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